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How we work

A collaborative approach to service design that is customer focused and aligned with our social enterprise values.

We're not your usual transport operator

The principles of our approach are:

We like to work in partnership with our commissioners, developing a collaborative approach based on a shared commitment, mutual trust and exchange of information. Where possible we engage with commissioners early, before any tendering process is launched, to understand more about the service as it is currently delivered, discuss potential procurement approaches and opportunities for improvement.

Customer service:
Passengers are at the heart of everything that we do.  We work to have a positive impact on the quality of their lives and health of their communities.

Social enterprise values:
HCT Group’s values are impact, empathy, equality, integrity and innovation. Our parent company is a charity and our surpluses are invested in community transport projects in the areas in which we work. Our values are aligned with those of the public authorities we work for and the public service ethos they espouse. 

If you would like to talk to us about how we work with commissioners, please contact us or read on. 


We share the values of our commissioners

Customer focus

Award-winning service, quality and innovation

The social enterprise edge

Working with us brings real additional benefits