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Social Enterprise Champions

Our Social Enterprise Champions are frontline HCT Group staff who have learned about social enterprise and are spreading the word to their colleagues.

Learning about social enterprise.

The HCT Social Enterprise Champions Programme began in 2011. The Champions are HCT Group staff from across the organisation – they could be drivers, passenger assistants or administrators.  Their role is to help their colleagues learn about social enterprise and why it’s a good idea.

From February-June 2017, HCT Group launched our 4th programme taking frontline staff to Leeds, Bristol and London to visit interesting and innovative Social Enterprises and users groups supported by HCT.

During the course of the programme, participants will learn all about social enterprise, what makes an organisation ‘social’ versus a charity and how it all relates to HCT. 

The blog write ups of each session are available here on the SEUK site here for Leeds, Bristol and London.

The 2017 Social Enterprise Champions are: Tanya Davis (LaSCoT), Michael Faucher Folie (Hackney Community Transport), Rosetta Harper (London Waltham Forest), Esher Howard (London: Wandsworth), Pauline Jacob (London Ash Grove), Jon Lozach (Jersey), Andy Margison (Guernsey), Neil Taylor (Wakefield), Nicola Williams (Bristol), Richard Zanetti (Leeds) and Samuel Ziki (Leeds), led by Nick Temple (SEUK) and Tracey Vickers (HCT Group).