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What we do

HCT Group operates public and community transport to achieve positive social impact. It is established as a social enterprise and surpluses are committed to delivering our charitable objectives through transport services.

From whole transport networks to community buses...

Making a difference through transport and training  

HCT Group operates a range of passenger transport services, from mainstream public buses to specialist accessible door to door services.  Transport is integral to full participation in modern life and our goal is to ensure that everyone has equality of access to the services that they need and the opportunities available to them.  Social isolation is one of the most challenging issues in society and a prerequisite for meeting this challenge is an accessible transport service that delivers mobility when and where people need it most. 

 Concern for and empathy with our passengers and potential passengers is at the heart of everything that we do. Our commitment is to ensure that physical, psychological or economic barriers to mobility and social engagement are effectively challenged so that transport services are truly inclusive.  We believe that equality of opportunity should include equality of access to transport and mobility.

We operate a full spectrum of passenger transport services, including mainstream bus services which are crucially important to the social and economic health of the communities that they serve.

We also provide services on contract to local authorities, providing essential mobility to young people with special educational needs as well as older and disabled people.  Wherever possible our priority is to promote independent living. 

HCT Group is not just another contractor.  Our social enterprise structure and values ensures that services are delivered with integrity, in the interests of our passengers and not to maximise profit.

At the core of our organisation is a network of accessible community transport services for individuals and groups.  Innovation in the development of accessible community transport services is central to increasing the social impact of our work. 

Transforming life chances

Transport and training that makes a real difference to peoples lives

Transforming public transport

Innovating in the delivery of public transport

Transforming communities

Tackling social exclusion and isolation with community transport